Thermoplastic Products

Your Thermoplastic Specialists

Traffic Solutions Depot also operates as a thermoplastic distributor closely associated with a subcontracting, eco-friendly manufacturer located near Montreal, Canada.

With over fifty years of industry experience, this affiliate specializes in custom injection and extrusion molding of thermoplastic and elastomer products, using only first quality virgin and 100% recycled materials, while providing comprehensive R&D service available at a very economical cost to you.

We’ll Make Your Own Product Better

We excel in suggesting and applying new practical, innovative and functional features to modify your own thermoplastic formulation for improved design, ultimately lowering your production cost and increasing your profit margin.

We’ll Make A Product Exclusively For You

Our design and production team begins with an R&D program, searching for the least expensive 100% recycled formulation, while providing comprehensive 3D drawings and 3D samples with ongoing pre-product testing and verification.

We offer cost-efficient, innovative solutions in design and creativity to numerous businesses, distributors and manufacturers, meeting all needs for any size exclusive production.

Exclusive products are manufactured for you only and available:
• In any color
• With your company name and/or logo
• With lighting (solar, glow-in-the-dark, neon, LED)
• With any additional features you request
• With a minimal order required

Product Ideas For Your Exclusivity